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Investment Criteria


INVEST EQUITY typically invests in companies showing

  • positioning in a dynamic and growing market
  • marketable products and/or services
  • successful sales and distribution
  • complementary management team
  • critical size

In more mature companies equity financing is mainly required to successfully implement significant changes. Such companies have an increased need for financial resources which cannot be covered by debt capital without running considerable risks for the overall business.

INVEST EQUITY only invests in companies with the potential to significantly increase their value within a period of up to 6 years by deploying financial resources to implement strategic projects. In addition there has to be plausible market for the company in the eyes of either a trade buyer or a financial investor since a positive investment decision can only be taken by seeing a clear potential for realising a successful exit

The sector and market in which the company operates are crucial factors since they are determining its potential to increase its value.

These extraordinary projects need extraordinary management. We exclusively invest in companies with a complementary management team capable of taking the company to a prominent market position.

In addition to the market and the quality of the management, the business model and its implementation are vital for the success any company. The way in which turnover is generated, and growth opportunities are exploited is important for a company’s ability to generate profits in the mid to long run.

Given these pre-requisites, INVEST EQUITY is the optimal investor with its capital, expertise and international network.