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Investment Criteria

Value Enhancement Prospects

INVEST EQUITY invests in a portfolio of unlisted companies. The objective is to achieve capital gains for investors by consistently increasing the equity value and realising it on exit.

INVEST EQUITY makes later-stage investments (buy-outs, re-capitalisations, growth capital) in a wide range of sectors and aim at achieving substantial gains in value over an investment horizon, which will typically range from 3 to 6 years.

INVEST EQUITY has an investment focus on Austria and its neighbouring countries with a special emphasis on Czech Republic and Slovakia. 

Although the characteristics of companies we invest in may differ as regards business activity, stage of development, industry and geography, all of our investments must confirm the following:

  • an experienced and motivated management team
  • stable business processes and track record
  • significant value enhancement prospects by means of business growth, improving market position, taking measures to successfully manage economic downswing etc.
  • a strong market position
  • a clear strategy for realising value

However, the main criterion for making investments is considerable enhancement prospects shown by the investment opportunities.